& night life

During the summer, Trogir in night is very beautiful place and you can choose different entertaiment events. In center of town you have art performances and music concerts in Camerlengo tower , on Trogir waterfront You have several Lounge bars wich organize party nights. Different types of musical and folklore happenings take place on Trogir’s streets and squares. Other side of canal (over bigger bridge) is Ciovo waterfront wich offers few disco bars and Casino bar. Center of town offers many beautiful old restaurants with live music.

Our recomendation is to visit Camerllengo tower at night from wich you can see Trogir panorama.(Trogir Croatia Photos)
Trogir surroundings offers great deal of events, Trogir surroundings offers great deal of events, Medena and Okrug Gornji beaches offers beach partys with exotic dancers, music festivals and many other events. Also if you are lucky, you might encounter on lively fishing evenings or other domestic events which are held in places of Trogir area (Slatine, Okrug Donji Seget ..).

On Trogir’s water front (Riva), you can see all kinds of new and big yachts. At evening there are also opened street shops with souvenirs,jewelery and food.
One thing that is also a must-do in Trogir is to eat an ice-cream. There are several places for buying an ice cream, but the most interesting are ice-cream throwers on Riva, they throw ice-cream in the air and catch them.


During seasone there are various manifestations like concerts, parties, fiestas festivals and local events.

The Kairos Festival in Trogir

The Kairos Festival in Trogir Croatia, also known as the Happy Moment Festival, is held in June. During the Happy Moment Festival there are various cultural and entertaining events, during which you can find out more about Trogir and the Traditions of Trogir.

Bicycle Fest

Bicycle Fest in Trogir happens in May. During this festival there are various races and trips held on the seashore and the nearby places in Middle Dalmatia.

Medieval Fest

Medieval Fest of the town of Trogir is held in May. This festival will teach you all about the history of the town Trogir.
Summer Evenings

in Okrug are famous for the fishermen’s fests, parties, concerts and klapa special events.

Fishermen’s nights

Fishermen’s nights happen throughout the whole summer, in Trogir and actually everywhere on the island Ciovo. These nights are a must, if you want to try fresh fish prepared in traditional Dalmatian way.

Restaurants in Trogir

Fresh and healthy seafood, homegrown bio food, olive extravergine iol, local wines from sunny vineyards, great variety of flavors for every taste… Wine, dine and unwind!A prelude of Dalmatian mediterannian cousine – a small selection of Dalmatian specialities for all your senses.

Octopus under baking lid

Quality fresh fish
Variety of shells

Smoked ham and cheese 
Beef stew with dumplings

Stuffed or grilled calamari 
Variety of risotto

Shrimps sauce or grill 
Octopus salad

Barbecued lamb
Fish stew, brodetto

Restaurants in Trogir

  • Tavern “Tragos” – situated in the middle of the historical part of town, traditional fish and meat meals. Address: Budislaviceva 3, tel.: +385 (0)21 884 729
  • Tavern “Kamerlengo” – in the Old town core, quality grilled fish, spiny lobster, prawns a la buzara, octopus salad, Pag cheese. Address: Vukovarska 2, tel.: +385 (0)21 884 772
  • Tavern “Capo” – heart of the Old town, octopus salad, black risotto, fried: hake, smelt, roach, prawn, marinated anchovy. Address: Ribarska 11, tel.: +385 (0)21 881 261
  • Tavern “Paviceve mlinice” – restored Renaissance mills, maritime lagoon, fish pate, meat stew with gnocchi, under baking lid. Address: Pantana bb, tel.: +385 (0)21 895 095
  • Restaurant “Monika” – Budislavićeva 12 Trogir,Telefon: +385 (0)21 884 808, +385 (0)91 1947 811
  • Restaurant “Alka” – Blaženog augustina Kažotića 15 ,Tel: 021/ 881 856
  • Restaurant”Fontana” – Obrov 1,Tel: 021/884 811 – Restaurants in Trogir